I had the opportunity to meet with four other Montreal bloggers who believe in inspiring and empowering woman. We all believe that Galentine’s day should be celebrated because it is the perfect opportunity to tell your favorite gals why you love them. So think of those special ladies in your life and send them a message to tell them how they inspire you.

I have a challenge for you, how would you compliment your friend if you could not speak about their outward appearance?  


I am someone who often speaks about my heart. If you have had a conversation with me you probably heard me say “my heart” a few times. When everything else is stripped away, the clothes, the makeup, social media accounts, and you are left alone with your own heart, what do you see?  Do you see someone who is afraid of confronting their pain? Do you see someone who is confused about who they are?


To be honest with you, I have answered yes to those questions multiple times in my life. The point is not perfection, rather, the goal is to embrace your process. The journey into your heart is both messy and fruitful. Proverbs 4:23 states, Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” What you carry around in your heart is what will flow out of you. By choosing to take the time to listen to your heart and understand why you are holding onto certain fears, you are embarking on a journey into vulnerability.


The places in our hearts where we have experienced pain and trauma are simply the places that need to be loved. Love is powerful and has a way of stripping away what once held you back in fear. When we take the time to sit down with ourselves and venture into every corner of our heart, even the places where we have said,  wait there for a bit because I will get back to you later, we open up the door to healing. Healing begins with vulnerability and to be vulnerable, we all need that friend or friends who we can be open with.



Galentine’s day is about celebrating woman and their unique beauty. You are beautiful because of who you are. Not because of what you do. Who you are is connected to your heart and although there may be places inside of you that you are holding onto in fear, there is no need to be ashamed. You have a voice that is willing to be heard, so find that friend, and watch the beauty that is already inside of you flourish. 


To go back to the question I asked at the beginning of this blog post, I want to answer it for you. 

You are enough and you are loved. There is a light inside of you that can inspire those around you and nothing can stop that light from shining brighter if you choose. Just wait and see how you can shift the atmosphere when you walk into a room with the intention to love, inspire and create a safe place. 


Lovely one, remember, you do not need to be afraid. You do not need to hold back your weakness and limits, as this is a place where others can step in for you if you let them. You have the choice, will you live in hiding or will you let yourself be seen?



Photographer: Andy Rarivomanana

PlaceLa Finca Café & Bureau

LadiesFaelGaele, Tina and Shanila