Heart Talk

the dark sky,

hugged by the glimmer of light

the new dawn like fresh dew,

sprinkled on summer grass

whispers, be still

and consider each day

as a journey, 

with the eagerness to explore 

the sole intention, 

to take notice 

and know

-Marysa Katherine

I do not believe that we are always filled with excitement for what sparks a light in us. Most of the time,  if we are being honest, it is more likely that we are dragging ourselves around before we pursue what we thrive in. But why is that? That is a questions I have been pondering on. In a world that promotes speed over patience and production over waiting, we can easily guilt ourselves into moving forward prematurely. The world may be yelling “get it done” and “what are you waiting for?” which are not inherently bad. However, when such words become your sole motivator, you can feel that you are merely a performer and the joy that initially sparked your goals can start to grow dim. Solely relaying on production as our form of motivation can result in us being heavy laden.  

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble of heart; and you will find rest. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” (Matthew 11:28:30).

When the pandemic hit, I heard comments circling such as, “it was time to be creative and finish the projects you started.” I thought the statement to be true. Here I was, with more free time than I have had in years and yet my heart was pulling me into stillness. I relearned how to slow down rather than propel myself into production. At first, my response bothered me, as I did not want to be the sole person who had nothing to show for herself after being off work for a few months. Yet, as the months passed, I realized that the stillness was not a waste of time but a time of preparation and rejuvenation.

In the stillness, I realized what I was holding onto that no longer served me and I saw how I was leading myself into the direction of a burn out. So, I realigned myself with the beauty of simplicity over production and it was there that I learned who I was again. There is purpose in our waiting and yet how quick are we to jump out of it when we see the world continuing to move fast around us. It is in the slowing down that we find the space to be ourselves, as we are not striving to perform or produce. Instead, we are simply coming into a place of acceptance with a new found grace for who we are apart from what we do. A heart posture, of acceptance and grace is where we should aspire to live from as we pursue our goals and projects.

How do we move out of a space of production and into acceptance for what each season has to offer? I am reminded of the power of patience. Patience is not only needed in moments of waiting but also in the season of moving forward. I believe that we need patience to keep us still just as we need patience to keep pushing onward. The Cambridge Dictionary defines patience as the following, “the ability to accept delay, suffering, or annoyance without complaining or becoming angry.” We can all admit to feeling delayed in this present season as the pandemic has stopped us all in our tracks. However, what stands out to me in regards to the definition is the the choice to endure through the suffering or waiting without complaint or anger. That is not an easy task and nor do I believe that we will ever reach this state of perfection. Yet, I do believe that we can choose to not complain and chose to be slow to anger in our season of waiting and or productivity. By doing so, we are choosing to take the yoke that is light rather than that which is heavy. In our annoyance or anger it is easy to be distracted by the weight of what is ahead and or the weight of what has passed. However, patience can serve us well as it gives us the ability to stay motivated in every season and accomplish our goals in love and with a present heart.

So, my dear readers, let us ponder on how we can choose patience in this Spring season. Spring in and of itself is a season of transition when we eagerly wait for the flowers to bloom and the trees to grow green again. Ask yourself, where have you lacked patience the past few months and how you can implicate patience into your projects and or day to day activities? 

With love, 

Marysa Katherine 

Photographer: Kristina Bastien (https://www.kristinabastien.com)

A Humbled Heart

I see the outline of a figure 

Of what could be

Yet, I cannot behold

The lines are forming merely a fragment  

Should I reach out? Touch, taste and see

I listen to the melody, as the lines overlap and mingle

I’m lost in the chaos of noise that leaves me flowing

Maybe the  lines show me that I can move? 

Yet, a gentle grace fills in the empty crevasses 

I am not in control, I realize now

I can pause and watch the unfolding

Ah, don’t hold back

I am seeing the picture 

I am what I behold

The outline is shaping who I am 

A fragile and yet purpose filled picture


I am assuming, that we can all admit to being challenged in the present season as we aim to stay in peace even among the chaos surrounding us on the daily. Additionally, we strive to stay still although our human response is to react with the wake of every news report. We can solely admit to our weakness and hope for a better tomorrow. As I am in isolation, I confess that I have faced my emotions in a new light. My emotions seem to rush to the surface all the more, as the pressing down, which was easily found in the busy, no longer has the first hand. 

As I have been reflecting on my response to all that is occurring, I am reminded of two words, humility and acceptance. Humility knocks on the door of our hearts and invites us to get low. We are welcomed to come as we are and recognize that we were never created to carry the weight of it all on our own. Acceptance tells us that it is okay to feel uncomfortable. We can accept the discomfort of our present and hope for a brighter tomorrow. 

How can we humble ourselves in the middle of a worldwide crisis? For many, our first response might be the complete opposite. We are ready for battle as we stand on guard with a sword in hand willing to attack. However, what if  we were asked not to respond in strife and anger rather, in gentleness and humility? Can we take our wild and at times untamable emotions, acknowledge them for what they are, and lay them back down with a humble heart before the One who understands us deeply? 

The reality is, we are not in control. Yet, still note that we can be thankful for our emotions, as they teach us to pay attention to the places in our hearts that otherwise might go unnoticed. However, we are not asked to control that which we do not understand, even amidst a crisis. We cannot assume that we know the answer to it all even when out pride pushes us to be quick to speak, let us choose stillness. 


While acceptance invites us to be okay with the unknown along with discomfort and mess of every emotion. The reality is, our life was not given to us so we could bathe in comfort and leisurely pleasures. It is in the pressure that we come to see our true-selves. Although it sounds romantic, being challenged and having our emotions examined is not the easiest journey to embark on. Yet, in the  acceptance of our weakness and fragile state, we can remain still in knowing that the journey propels us into authenticity and wholeness.

With that being said, what better time to choose humility and acceptance? I invite you, dear reader, to be bold and chose stillness over fear. You are moving forward. You are growing stronger. 

With Love, 

Marysa Katherine 




She could wrap her hands around her heart

Only to set it free again

What was there to defend?

The rapid beat of her heart reminded her,

Her feet were made to wander in the open field

The horizon was endless and belonged to her


The thought only made her tremble

Her heart did not belong in a restricted universe

Her feet craved the prickling grass between her toes and

The dancing wind caressing her skin

Whispering, that she was alive

What is freedom you may ask?

Because she believed she caught it

Like a wandering butterfly, she lets rest upon her hand

With its wings fluttering and yet securely remaining still

This is freedom

The confidence to be still and roam, simultaneously

Intertwined, in a paradoxical space,

Because freedom is found in her willingness to primarily be,

When the world merely reminds her to do

The field remains open

Even when she forgets how to run

Her core has the choice, will she close her eyes to her internal reality

Or, will she embrace the horizon that whispers

Come away with me?

 She embraced the invitation to be

To be loved

To be seen

To be known

To be free


I have been pondering on the word freedom. Often I can find myself wrestling with my thoughts and I quickly forget my true reality, that being, I am free. I am not a prisoner to the challenging thoughts that try to manipulate me into believing that I am not enough, from my beauty, body, and intelligence. The internal voice that is unkind, and attempts to push me away from my true self-does not deserve the power to imprison me. I was born to wander freely in a world full of endless beauty waiting to be seen and caught by my eyes.

How often do you find yourself barricaded by the negative thoughts that you entertain? You are not the voice that tells you, you are worthless, when the reality is, you are a human being. I emphasize being to remind you that we have been created to primarily be. What does it mean to be? What does it even look like? It means being present and open to the life you have been given. I have recently overcome an extremely difficult season in my life ( I will share more one day). In the difficulty, I whispered to my hurting heart, be present, even in your weakness, stay invested.  

It was in my decision to sit in my pain that I did not allow myself to be powerless and a victim to my environment. When you choose to say yes to the wild adventure that God has for your life, you are choosing to say yes to the mountain tops and the lowest of valleys.

What can we do in the valley? We can remember the quite promise we made when we said yes because we also said yes to be abandoned. Abandoned for the sack of freedom, even in the midst of chaos, because you are not striving for freedom dear one, you are free.

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery (Galatians 5:13).


Photographer: breathlessbyreinaprocee  (https://www.facebook.com/reinaproceephotography)

Reina Procee is looking for other bloggers to collaborate with. You are more than welcome to send me a message and I will be happy to connect you with her. She is a woman who aspires to bring out the beauty and gold inside of you. She does such a good job of seeing it even before you can. Working with her is always a pleasure and joy. We also share the same vision which makes it all the more fun.

Logo Designer: Hints&Kunst – by Katherina (https://www.instagram.com/hints_und_kunst/)

Katherina is a passionate and beautiful young lady who designs personalized logos and word art. She pours her heart into her work, and shares love, compassion and joy in what she creates. She would love to connect with you if you have any further questions.



Around and around

Her bare feet tickled by the prickly green grass beneath her

The wind gently brushed her floral skirt that followed her careless movements

Swirling and Swirling

She was led by the wind and there was surely no one else she aspired to follow

Her arms held high and hand turned outward, I can reach higher

Enthusiastically, she pressed her weight down on her toes

On tippy toes now, I will make it

twirling and twirling

Expectations and expectations

Her heart imprisoned by the relentless clutter surrounding its three corners

Every thought that streamed through her mind flooded her consciousness

Pressure and pressure

She was lost in her unbelief and wounded by her questioning

Had she not confirmed? Would she still be twirling? I can reach higher

Molded and shaped by the overarching voice of her environment

Carried away now, I will make it

Ashamed and Ashamed

Repress and repress

She chose to run in the opposite direction of the wind

Her feet no longer willing and carelessly in step with its movement

Perfection and perfection

Against the wind is where she found herself, as she pushed herself away

She could no longer trust the One who once carried her so gently, I can reach higher

Her arms now lay wrapped around her waist, aspiring ultimately to hide from herself

Heavy hearted now, I will make it

Confined and confined

What we believe about ourselves is what we become. We were created to be free and live with the knowledge in our hearts that we are beloved. You were not made to run after perfection, but rather, to rest in the truth that you are on a journey. Last week I found myself struggling with feeling out of balance. I sat myself down with my journal in hand. But, before I could even write, I simply began to cry. I realized that my heart was feeling alone and chaotic because, in the midst of my busy schedule, I took on the role of having to do all things on my own. I closed my eyes and heard the whisper, I never asked you to do it alone. 

So, my dear friend, I am speaking the same words into your heart today, you were never asked to do it alone. You do not need to imprison yourself into what is not bringing you peace. Be honest with yourself and open your heart up. We are all on a journey and are constantly in process. I am still learning that I will never reach a state of “Oh I finally made it.” Instead, I will always be in a place of “I am still growing.” It is messy and beautiful all at the same time and we can celebrate that together.

“The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell where it comes from and where it goes. So is everyone who is born of the Spirit.” (John 3:8)


Photographer: breathlessbyreinaprocee  (https://www.facebook.com/reinaproceephotography)

Reina Procee is looking for other bloggers to collaborate with. You are more than welcome to send me a message and I will be happy to connect you with her. She is a woman who aspires to bring out the beauty and gold inside of you. She does such a good job of seeing it even before you can. Working with her is always a pleasure and joy. We also share the same vision which makes it all the more fun.

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