Welcome Love


I have learned over the years that perfection is unattainable, as true beauty is found in vulnerability. Our hearts can be awakened to the truth that weakness is not to be despised, but rather celebrated and our emotions are not to be pushed away, but rather accepted.

As much as I have experienced joy, I have also encountered pain. In my weakness I discovered the fragility of my heart and need for grace, truly, it is such a gift that we can feel. We were not created to suppress the very emotions that were breathed into us by our creator who spoke the words “it is good”.  He sits with us in the dirt to reveal that beauty can be found in the ashes.

This blog was created with the purpose to encourage, inspire, and bring healing. We are on a journey of discovery, to connect deeply with our hearts and unleash the beauty that we all carry.

Photographer: Samantha Roy Little 

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